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St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox of Elmhurst, IL is proud to provide a complete and comprehensive religious education program for preschool and school age students who are stewards and non-stewards of our community.

Our preschool program is not as structured as the rest of our program, but, it provides the 3 year old child an opportunity to socialize with fellow 3 year olds.

This time for socializing allows their parents the opportunity to benefit from our beautiful Divine Liturgy. Our 3 year old program is no charge to parents and since there is no volunteer teacher, at this time, we ask that the parents volunteer on a rotating basis to watch and guide the children in class. Basically, the children will play with toys in the classroom and will be given icons to color and take home.

Pre Kindergarten through 6th grade have curriculum provided by the Dept. of Religious Education in Brookline, Ma. We are very satisfied with the curriculum provided by the Greek Orthodox Metropolis and the dedicated volunteer teachers who present this curriculum.

7th & 8th grade and high school students, also, have curriculum provided by the Metropolis Religious Ed. Dept. This curriculum is provided in the form of pamphlets and small booklets which contain diverse topics.

For 2019-2020, Religious Education classes commence on September 15th and conclude on May 17th.

A registration fee of $35.00, which is used towards books and materials, is requested for students from Pre-Kindergarten through High School.  The registration fee is waived on the 4th child or more.

We look forward to working with our children in gaining enlightenment of our faith and love of God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit.

If you have any questions, please contact our directors, Lia or Tina at

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