Pythagoras Greek School (PGS/PSGS)

Greek School, a must for every Greek Orthodox parish, is the vehicle that creates the Greek identity in the minds and the souls of our children and is important for the existence of the Greek Orthodox Church. The purpose of the Pythagoras Greek Schools is to promote Greek language, the Hellenic culture and our Greek Orthodox Heritage. Our goal is to create a feeling of love for the Greek civilization and most importantly, to generate a sense of pride for our religion and heritage.

Students are taught reading, writing and speaking Greek as well as religion, mythology, history and traditional Greek Dances. Each grade level has its own teacher to ensure that all students realize exceptional progress throughout the school year. Our teachers have many years of teaching experience in Greek parochial schools and are highly qualified to teach Greek as a second language.

Pythagoras Greek Schools offer two programs; PGS - Monday & Wednesday classes and PSGS - Saturday classes.  Please read below for updates for the 2020-2021 school year.

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Dear Parents of Pythagoras Greek School,
We hope you are all doing well.  With the guidance of the new School Board,  the Parish Council at St. Demetrios and the results of the parent surveys, we have come to the following arrangements for the Greek School for fall 2020-21.
Assuming no other state mandates arise these are the programs as of now:
1. Pythagoras Greek School (PGS): A fully remote program on Mondays and Wednesdays; teachers will coordinate online learning with their respective classes.
2. Pythagoras Saturday Greek School (PSGS): In-person on Saturdays from 9:00am - 12:00 noon. (on-site with social distancing,  screenings and masks).  Saturday also includes the Ellinomatheia Students for 7th, 8th & 9th grades:  10am-12noon.  There will be no lunch or recess on Saturdays and snack only in the classrooms.  As of now, we will not offer Greek Dance lessons in either program.


Please follow the steps below for enrollment.  If you have any questions, please e-mail us at
Step 1: Complete the Verification Form: Pythagoras Greek School Verification Form 2020
Step 2: If 2020 Stewardship has not been fulfilled, please go to our St. Demetrios Stewardship Page. Once completed, return to Step 1 and submit Verification Form.  ACH (automatic checking account withdrawals) is extended until August 15th for your convenience.
Step 3: Once Step 1 and 2 have been completed and form is submitted, the school administrators will verify the information and email or text you a registration access code to proceed to the final enrollment step.

Step 4. Register for Greek school using access code at: Pythagoras Greek School Enrollment Application.  In this step, you need only pay the non-refundable deposit of $100 per student and fees. 
Step 5: Set-up TADS to pay the remaining tuition balance. Set-up installments in TADS by September 1st  OR Pay remaining tuition in-full in TADS  before September 1st and receive $100 off tuition (per family). (No fee incurred in TADS if making a one-time payment with checking account).
Please be advised that a student will not be considered enrolled in the program unless all steps through Step 5 are complete. Once that has been done, a confirmation of enrollment email will be sent to you with further instructions regarding specific arrival and dismissal procedures and an invitation to the All -School Zoom Orientation Meeting prior to the start of classes where the  Back-to-School Plan & Guidelines will be presented.
Due to social distancing guidelines, seating is limited in each classroom; we urge you to enroll sooner than later so we can prepare a safe return of our students and staff. 
If you are having problems accessing any of these sites, please let us know and we will assist you promptly. 




The PTO's main mission is to support the Pythagoras Greek School by helping to maintain communication and cooperation among parents, teachers and administrators. The PTO also raises funds for supplemental educational materials and learning tools. They also organize cultural and recreational programs and activities that encourage and promote Hellenism.  The PTO has general meetings on a monthly basis and encourages and welcomes all parents to attend and participate in our organization and support our programs and events. The PTO has general meetings on a monthly basis and encourages and welcomes all parents to attend and participate in our organization and support our programs and events.

PTO BOARD (2019-2020)

Athena Kalaras, President (M/W - PGS)

Theo Alexandrakis, President (Sat. - PSGS)

Lia Papadopoulos, Vice-President (M/W - PGS)

Maria Matsas, Vice-President (Sat. - PSGS)

Christina Georgis, Secretary

Kelly Tsioupros, Corresponding Secretary (M/W - PGS)

Elaine Alex, Corresponding Secretary (Sat. - PSGS)

Angie Thanopoulos, Treasurer