The Parish Council is the local governing body of the parish of St. Demetrios. It is comprised of the Priest and a group of practicing Orthodox Christians sacramentally in good standing with the Church. They are elected every two years by the members of our parish for the purpose of working together with the priest in fulfilling the goals and needs of the parish. The Council works tirelessly throughout the year to follow the regulations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and further the goals of the church by holding a variety of church-wide events and fostering ministries that address the needs of all parishioners.

PARISH ASSEMBLY - Tuesday, November 12th @ 6p.m.

PARISH COUNCIL ELECTIONS - Sunday, December 1, 2019


Executive Board

Irini Garbis, President

Chris Kontos, Vice President

Peter Barkoulies, Vice President of Organizations

Tony Louras, Vice President of Facilities

Eustathia Panousis, Secretary

Dimitris Katsamberis, Corresponding Secretary

George Nassis, Treasurer

Greg Graber, Assistant Treasurer

Dominick Vassos, Assistant Treasurer

Council Members

Harry Fournier

Peter Karonis

Vasilios Katsoulis

Karian Markos

Elias Soupos

Hristos Stavrou

Stewardship Committee Chair

Hristos Stavrou -